Seawater represents 97% of Earth’s water supply; it is abundant. In fact, it is perhaps our only unlimited natural resource. It’s hard to grasp, but that’s what the Seawater Foundation (TSF) is about using that resource – Seawater. A very important distinction to start: we’re not talking about desalting seawater. What we do (& have been doing for over 30 years) is grow plants directly on seawater.

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The Seri people of Sonora, Mexico -- ardent and capable stewards of their land. Watch here to learn more about our relationship

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It has always been the belief of the Seawater Foundation and it's supporters that for environmental efforts to make a difference, they must also be economic successes. And for business to flourish in the 21st century, they must take planetary environmental enhancement as part of their "bottom line".

We have spent many years in research and basic implementation of seawater agriculture and aquaculture technologies. With that premise, we are proud to share that we have transferred these technologies along with Seawater Farms Bahia Kino from its home with TSF to Global Seawater, inc. (GSI), a for-profit company that will make a difference in the ecology of the planet in a strong business context and profits for its investors. (A video of GSI's recent work can be seen here)

TSF will continue with new research along the same fronts, and to use seawater to plant forests of mangroves and other appropriate halophytes for carbon sequestration. We will use our platform to communicate the promise of a new agriculture -- that of seawater. And we look forward to continued association with GSI as a collaborator on seawater interests and momentum.

Principal Voices on CNN International

CNN International, in association with Shell, selected three individuals, Carl Hodges, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri and Alexandra Cousteau, they believe have noteworthy perspectives to a roundtable discussion on climate change as part of their “Principal Voices” series.

The discussion took place in Chicago was first aired November 22nd. The broadcast has been divided into three sections for easy viewing and we suggest you watch them in the order in which they aired.

Part 1: IPCC chief Dr. Pachauri Video Part 2: The Seawater Foundation Video Part 3: Living on a water planet Video

CNN has also posted additional excerpts and articles. A complete list of those links can be found on our News and Media page.




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