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Speaking of the Founder ...

Normally in this space Founder and Chairman, Carl Hodges waxes eloquently about the real world.  People, events, ideas, whatever he is thinking and doing are prime candidates for topics.  But this month, we thought you would enjoy hearing what some others think of him.

In May 2006 an issue of Vanity Fair Magazine hit the stands as one of the first, non-environmental magazines to circulate a “Special Green Issue”.  With a forest setting and classy green garbed George Clooney, Al Gore, Julia Roberts and Robert Kennedy on the cover, it posed the position; “A Threat Graver than Terrorism: Global Warming”.  This year has been one of acceptance of that threat.  And many articles, conferences and broadcasts have brought the reality of global warming, sea level rise and multiple other consequences to our doorstep.

Gasper, Angel and Carl

The 2007 May issue of Vanity Fair hosts the 2nd Annual Green Issue. This cover sports Leonardo DiCaprio with 3 month old Knut, the polar bear cub born in the Berlin Zoo, representing his relatives imperiled in the wild by melting Artic ice.  And a look inside updates us all on the planet’s climactic troubles and acknowledges the mainstream recognition of this problem.

For a first look at the skeptic’s side; “A Convenient Untruth” shares Myron Ebell’s stalwart position that there is no problem called global warming.  Luckily for the planet, although loud and bold, he is definitely in the smallest minority, and getting smaller every day.  A series of “reviews” of books, papers and conferences that range from Sir Nicholas Stern’s paper on the cost to all of us to fight sea level rise to Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall on the implications for US national security,  give us a broad brush stroke of how much we can be affected. 

And, under the headline of Global Citizens, are the profiles of activists and scientists propelling a cultural turnaround…including Carl Hodges, the Future’s Farmer.  While we are proud of Carl’s life’s work in this field, we are equally proud of all the “Global Citizens”, from workers, to supporters, to scientists.

Vanity Fair photographer Gasper Tringale, and assistant Angel Morales captured Carl on film in Bahia Kino, Sonora last February and writer Adam Spangler spent time with Carl making sure he understood our work and, as you will see, did a great job of concisely telling readers about seawater, sea level rise and the Foundation. 

Make sure you don't miss the splendid artwork Chris Gall created to help graphically explain the intricacies of integrated farming.

Thanks to all at Vanity Fair for getting the green word to a well read and intelligent audience.



We are in the process of updating our website, so be prepared for an exciting new look soon!

Meanwhile many people have been contacting us to learn more about our relationship with the Seri Indians of Sonora, Mexico. We are delighted to be associated these people who are such ardent and capable stewards of their land.

We have produced a short video to document the beginnings of this association and will have more information online soon. Please click on the language you would like to see.


Welcome to The Seawater Foundation

“Seawater Agriculture” – It’s hard to grasp, but that’s what The Seawater Foundation is about, and this site is designed to help you understand what we’ve created in “Integrated Seawater Farms” around the world.

A very important distinction to start: we’re NOT talking about desalting seawater—what we do (and have been doing for over 30 years) is grow plants directly on seawater, either seawater from the oceans of the world, or taken from existing aquaculture operations.

If you’d like an overview of how one of our projects works, take a look at the video about our work in Eritrea, East Africa hosted by Martin Sheen. Click here for video

The BENEFITS of Seawater Agriculture:

  • Grows crops and marine animals for human and animal consumption, increasing the opportunities for food production in arid parts of the world leaving precious fresh water for human use.

  • Absorbs large quantities of Carbon Dioxide, a green house gas to help reduce global warming

  • Produces oil from seed crops that can be used as a bio-fuel, reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.

  • Employees hundreds (soon to be thousands, and eventually hundreds of thousands) of developing world citizens in locations where few or no jobs exist.

  • Reverses the degradation of intense aquaculture (such as shrimp farms) by absorbing the nutrient rich effluent formerly released directly back into sensitive marine environments

  • Environmentally enhances the arid lands where Seawater Farms are placed, increasing biodiversity and opportunities for recreation and ecologically sound development.




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